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Shop to impact in Kenya

What started as a personal passion project began to blossom into a global movement of love

In 2012, Chrissie Lam had just left her job in corporate fashion and was on the hunt for something more. It was in Kenya that she discovered what that might be. With her background in the fashion industry, she thought she could help the women of Kenya's Maasai tribe turn their beautiful beadwork into an international sensation.

Chrissier Lam worked with the Maasai tribe to design a bracelet emblazoned with a single powerful word: LOVE. The ultimate goal being to create jobs for their community. This is how the LOVEisPROJECT was born.

From the first bracelet made in Kenya, LOVEisPROJECT expanded its concept internationally and to date, employed over 1,200 women in Kenya, Indonesia, Ecuador, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Guatemala and Colombia. Artisans wages have gone to fund education, health initiatives, home improvement and additional income generating new projects within the communities.

The Original LOVE Bracelet has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, Refinery29, Glamour, Elle, and Oprah Magazine.

Click on the picture below to watch a short video about LOVE is PROJECT.


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