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Shop to impact in India

About WorldFinds

WorldFinds mission is to empower women through fair trade. The jewelry and accessories create work for artisan women in vulnerable communities in India. The thoughtful designs and sustainable practices bring change to the lives of the artisans, provide a bright future for their children, and strengthen their communities.

There are over 700 incredible artisans that bring the jewelry and accessories designs to life! All of the styles are handmade by artisan women in India and Bali. Some are part of women's cooperatives or family groups, and others are members of the World Fair Trade Organization. All are finding a path out of poverty through fair trade.

Each piece provides dignified work, fair wages, a safe workplace, and hope for the future. Your purchase creates and extends a chain of goodness around the world. Each bracelet, necklace, and earring gives a woman artisan a job, a source of income and a means of preserving traditional crafts and art forms. This, in turn, provides education and food for the woman's families and communities.

About the Kantha production

The secret of Kantha lies in the recycling of "disused" saris, the traditional dress of the Indians.

The Kantha production is centuries old. Women from poor conditions sewed old garments together with a special quilting stitch to Quilts and stoles. Over time, Kantha developed into a refined and now world-renowned craftsmanship. Today, craftswomen transform the fabric remnants into jewelry beads that give new life to the otherwise discarded textile. Each Kantha bead has a core that is wrapped with a piece of colourful sari fabric – each one unique.


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