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Shop to impact in Syria

The first ethical brand I am featuring on this blog is I LOVE SYRIA. This social business is a great source of inspiration since it brings a powerful mission together with trendy design and handcraft. By buying I LOVE SYRIA's products, we are helping displaced women of the war finding a sense of purpose and keeping hope for their future.


I LOVE SYRIA was created in 2012 by Rania Kinge, a successful designer and social entrepreneur. Inspired by the love for her native country, I LOVE SYRIA is a line dedicated to the empowerment of displaced women in Syria. All the products are created and handmade by women who have lost their homes due to the ongoing war. It's the first social enterprise in Syria made up entirely of displaced women, currently serving more than 100 women.

By bringing skills of professional women in Switzerland, Made by Women helps displaced women become financially independent and acquire new employable skills allowing them to earn an income, empowering them to feel confident and in control, and giving them hope for their country to restore its unity.

The project was chosen amongst 149 countries as a success model of entrepreneurship for migrants and refugees, and the brand was featured in many magazines including the UN Journal. Click here to read the article

The design contributes to the sustainment of Syrian traditional craft - a knowhow passed on from mothers to daughters. The goal is to preserve the Syrian beautiful cultural heritage and identity.

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