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Shop to impact in Bangladesh

Each baby rattle is handmade in Bangladesh by a woman

The story of PebbleChild began with Hathay Bunano (meaning handmade in Bengali), a small non-profit organization in Bangladesh teaching young women how to knit in a spare room. Six years after the start, PebbleChild was launched in January 2010 to create it's own brand that tell the vibrant story of the products. The business has since grown into a large-scale place of employment, dedicated to providing sustainable work for over 8,000 women and people with disabilities in 60 rural production centres.

The women can work from their rural communities, eliminating the need to migrate in search of employment. This allows families to stay together, and support themselves with another source of income.

In addition to the training of the knit and crochet techniques, PebbleChild takes care of their worker‘s children. Apart from providing a clean and safe place for the children to play with each other, the production centres even have preschools where volunteers teach reading and writing. This creates new opportunities as many of the kids are then admitted to local primary schools.

Above-average wages for the mothers and families and flexible working hours open up new ways out of poverty. The additional wage offers a unique opportunity for female artisans to take control of their lives.

Shop our PebbleChild collection to support the project and empower more women in Bangladesh.

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