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Lula Mena

Shop to impact in El Salvador

Lula Mena is a social enterprise that generates hope and transforms lives to join art, design and culture to the reality of vulnerable women in high risk areas of El Salvador, creating opportunities through the production of unique, eco-friendly, handmade and innovative products, under norms of fair trade.

Based on the 4 principles below, the brand believes that small actions and commitment have marvelous results. Each principle is the basis for the positive impact in El Salvador and on the world.


Believe in conscious design with a high degree of respect for human beings and the environment; that is why the materials are natural or repurposed.


All the products contribute to the preservation of artisanal techniques such as fabric woven in lever looms or in double frame looms. Each product is handmade and has a unique story.


Working with women in rural communities of El Salvador, training them and empowering them to be self-sustainable and to believe in themselves, transforming their lives through honest and stable work that generates hope and development.


Lula Mena works under norms of fair trade; therefore they make sure that all the communities receive fair payment for their work. In some cases they receive 4 times as much as is normally earned in rural areas of El Salvador, making sure that each person has good work and development conditions. No kind of child labor exists within the communities.

Shop our beautiful and cozy home collection to empower young women living in rural areas of El Salvador.

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