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Shop to impact in India

EllieFunDay is a social enterprise based in San Francisco, USA, that designs organic baby products empowering marginalized women in India through dignified employment and a fair wage.

The social enterprise EllieFunDay partners with a group of 60 women artisans working as part of a sewing unit in Dharmapuri and Hyderabad, India. Many of these artisans are single mothers; some of them have experienced a form of domestic violence, human trafficking or social rejection. Partnering with local NGOs, the women and their family are housed in a safe place. By working with EllieFunDay, they are provided with a fair wage and are given an economic opportunity to help their families rise above poverty.

Photo credit : Calvina Photography

The sewing units are provided with on-site clinics giving an easy access for the community to appropriate healthcare. Moreover, the women are encouraged to become more self-sustaining by ongoing education in literacy, financial management and skills-training.

As a result of a sustainable employment opportunity, the women are able to provide healthcare, education, and save for the future.

Photo credit : Calvina Photography


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