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Shop to impact in Turkey

Helping Mothers support their famillies

BéBéMoss is proudly providing sustainable jobs with fair pay to stay at home mothers. Most of those women live in the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey, and in most cases, they have no other chance to make money. Many of the Moms are refugees from Syria, working hard to provide necessities for their families while they rebuild their lives in a new country.

The social enterprise empowers a mom community to produce toys, by creating a safe, happy and kids friendly environment, for the Moms to work in. The warm workshop welcomes the Moms and their little ones who have a dedicated play area. Knitters work flexible hours depending on their needs and they can even work from home, this enables them to better balance their other chores and family life.

The knitting mum community reached almost 80 knitting mums recently, and BéBéMoss is very proud of a collaboration with Small Projects Istanbul Syrian refugee community centre from where 25 refugee mums joined the team.

A word from the founder Izabela

"Working with refugee and underprivileged mothers is a life-changing experience, it got me right out of my comfortable and privileged expat life bubble into the harsh reality. It helped me understand the challenges faced by those families. As a parent, I firmly believe that each kid should have enough food, the opportunity to learn and an environment to thrive. This is why I created BéBéMoss where conscious shoppers like yourself enable us to empower mothers and therefore directly help children thrive."

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